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Dreamland is a project started by young Vienna-based violinist Yury Revich and his team

Aim of it
Dreamland with Yury Revich
To do as much as possible to help children who are in difficulty, to create their Dreamland.
how to create it
Dreamland Gala
By uniting people together for the good causes.
The place which has peace, education and proper health care
music and art

Dreamland for UNICEF took place first time in Vienna in 2017

Since then it successfully raised funds for the Water Project of UNICEF Austria. It helped to build proper water system in number of schools in Syria.
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Upcoming Concerts

The next Dreamland for UNICEF Gala Concerts of Arts take place on the 17th of December 2019 in London for UNICEF UK,The 25th of February in Vienna for UNICEF Austria and the 24th of May for UNICEF Italy.
music and painting

Don’t miss your chance, become a hero and be part of creating dreamland and help children!

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